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Thyroid Iodide &

Things That Make

Metabolism, The Thyroid, & Iodide

Or, How a Deficiency in Iodine Can Negatively Impact Attempts at Weight Loss. In this article, we cover the link between your thyroid and metabolism,...

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Thyroid Iodide & Our Immune System,

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at how the immune system relies on the thyroid in order to function properly, and why it's...

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Things That Make an Iodine Deficiency Even Worse

The WHO indicates that two billion people are iodine deficient. This is an incorrect statement, they are iodide deficient, iodide is the micro-nutrient form of...

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Iodine & Brain Development

Recent estimates still put the number of people suffering from iodine deficiency at more than 1.9 billion worldwide. Read More
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